The Name

Elakati (Greek: ἠλακάτη [ɨˈlakatɨ] ; English: distaff), a stick or spindle onto which wool or flax is wound for spinning.

The Elakati (distaff), was a little more than a necessary tool to spin, it was the symbol of women. The Boutique Hotel was given the name Elakati as weaving was an important tradition for women in ancient Greece. Weaving produced one of the major exports and women who could weave were in high demand which made it an occupation of the ladies of the highest status. All Greek women from all social classes were expected to be able to spin and weave. From the lowest class to the highest, each woman spun and wove. The Elakati and the spindle were two simple hand tools that women used to create garments, embroidery, kilims and various other decorative items. Many woman in Greece continue, to use the spindle and the Elakati. The Hotel’s design reflects its name in a creative and unusual way, with exclusive themes on each floor featuring details that portray the island of Rhodes. As the wool wrapped around the “Elakati” unfolds in the weaving process, this is how the history of the island of Rhodes is revealed from the ground up in this themed hotel. A lovely blend of history, nature and elegance used to create a unique atmosphere.

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